Solo Exhibition “Art Shaped by the Heart” 16th of Nov - 8th of Jan, 2017

N2N Gallery is proud to announce the new exhibition “Art shaped by the Heart” which presents an acclaimed Crimean painter Ramazan Useinov. Following his notable exhibition “Eastern Wind” in 2015, N2N Gallery will be introducing his new collection of oil paintings.

The title of exhibition emphasizes the unquestionably preeminence of the heart like the source of an emotion. The heart is the one makes us people, capable of feelings, separating us from other living beings on the planet. The dualism of making a decision by heart rather than a reason is as old as mankind, and mainly here Ramazan found his inspiration, absolutely and undeniably defined by emotions that give shape to his art.

The artist is formed by sensibilities, which are completely and patiently transmitted on a canvas with his signature style, resulting very common episodes from the life shown in the most magical way.  The focus of the exhibition is not on the topic, but on the power of feelings emerged from artists’ life – emotions arise from what we call life circumstances and they give direction to the artist shaping his art as well. Melancholy, connection and affection, gratitude for the place under the sun, persistence of life and whatever the life is before us and behind us – it’ all there, shown by the exhibited stories that are depicted on canvases.

The product of strong emotions is an irreproachable color placed in many layers. The color gained by a deep knowledge is one of the most prominent principles of Ramazan’s art. More intricate handling of paint brings him to the highest levels of artistic creation and makes artist recognizable, untraceable and unrepeatable. It’s precisely this exuberance with the color and its use that proves how much emotion leads him in the creativity. The palette is warm and intensifies, with clear tones of earth where textured surfaces add expressiveness to the paintings: sometimes it explodes with bright, glowing, joyful colors of the rainbow.

Ramazan Useinov’s art brings a lot of motifs and thus limitless possibilities of stylistic expressions – it connects East and West, light and darkness, carrying reconciliation among contradictions. Drama of his paintings is of a diverse nature because it comes often in different ways – sometimes by motif, sometimes color, and by emotion as well.

In front of us are images of a great master in which we recognize European school. On another side Ramazan is embracing the art of completely different ambience that is close to him with regard to oriental origin. His eclectic art summarizes the influences that derive from artist’s roots and environments in which he lived.

The result is art based on intense and restrained feeling that reveals the inner world. The artist is showing us, in abstained but exquisite way, his prolific creativity, making us his acolytes.


The exhibition details:
Exhibition is open from 16th of November until the 8th of January 2017

Opening times:
Sunday – Thursday 10.00 – 22.00
Saturday 14.00-22.00

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