Duo Exhibition "Two Souls One Homeland" 27th of Apr - 24th of May, 2017

This time N2N Gallery is proud to present two lyrical landscape masters – Grygori Sokyrynskyi and Igor Shipilin. “My motherland taught me art”– this may be a slogan of this debut due exhibition.

Both artists are depicting what their homes are alike; something comes first on our mind when we think about homeland. The objects are neither glorified nor beautified but they all have something divine in their nature and that’s where the true significance of the works given by both artists is hidden: water, trees, roads, mountains, houses, and vineyards – something which is important for every man’s heart.

The calm atmosphere is what both artists are bringing with their paintings no matter what depicted motive is. This kind of calmness is achieved by their choice of the palette and tones. They are making a phenomenon of melancholy so vivid and omnipresent. If using the bright colors they make them tinted by the nuance which seems like shade over the color. There’s no feeling of seizure or unexpected turns.

Although working in different media and techniques, masterly using the color, they are both successfully avoiding tightly defined form, making their art more sensitive and gentle.

Grygori Sokyrynskyi is using watercolor which allows him to bring subtle and sophisticated emotion. The biggest success of this artist is that he had chosen to depict what is his greatest love – the Motherland. Only one choice will always make you go in the right direction – when you do the things you truly love.

Igor Shipilin alike Sokyrynskyi is sharing similar idea using another media – oil on canvas. Telling almost the same story, he is always willing to go back home whenever life takes him. Connection to his motherland is unbreakable and we should enjoy in it – that’s what Shipilin is trying to tell us. Same motives are always bringing new joy to him and that’s why his source of creativity is inexhaustible. His brush is very convincing; we can almost smell the homely atmosphere from his paintings.


Grygori Sokyrynskyi (1900 – 1974) was the one who brought the expansion to the watercolor media during the period between 1950 and 1970s. He studied in Kaminets-Podilskyi Art and Industry School (1918-1920), Ukrainian Fine Art Academy (1920) and Kiev Art Institute (1923-1929). He was born during hard times but even in the circumstances colored with censure and many limitations, the artist found a way to express himself, moreover, he still enjoys the attention of the people, 40 years after death. His artworks stayed within his homeland and they are kept in most important museums of the country: National Art Museum of Ukraine (Kiev), National Center of Folk Culture, “Ivan Gonchar’s Museum” (Kiev), Museum of Art of Kiev City (Kiev), Central State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art of Ukraine (Kiev) and many other significant museums of the country.

Igor Shipilin was born in 1961 in Crimea, Sevastopol. He graduated from Sevastopol Children’s Art School in 1977. Igor continued his studies at The Repin Institute in St. Petersburg and at The Moscow State Academy of Printing, where he graduated in 1999. Shipilin is an active and respected member in the Crimean art scene – the chairman of the regional artist’s union in Crimea, holds a diploma merited by the Russian Academy of Art, and has a title of an Honored artist of Crimea. He had founded the “League of watercolors of Crimea” in 2001. Igor is the member of the National Artists’ Union of Ukraine since 1994. Shipilin artworks are held in The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Sevastopol Art Museum of M.P. Kroshitsky, Simferopol State Art Museum, and as well in private collections all over the world.

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