Group Exhibition "Intricate Lines. A journey into the world of printmaking and statuary" May 2016

Starting 12th of May, N2N Gallery at Nation Towers Galleria, Corniche, is delighted to present to the UAE residents “Intricate lines. A journey into the world of printmaking and statuary” a group exhibition featuring some of the most prominent contemporary Ukrainian master printmakers and sculptors.

The exhibition will showcase a rich and impressive collection of artworks realized with sophisticated technics of graphic art and sculpture it will be on display until 20th of June 2016.

In the times of the digital revolution, which has really democratized design, there are artists who chose to remain true to the old academic school of art, using their skills and creativity in order to lay down on the white paper memorable and original compositions or give life to a piece of stone, wood or bronze.

This is the case of Oksana Stratiychuk, Andrew Levitzky, Nikolay Dudchenko and Olesya Dzuraeva, all four very established artist printmakers who have developed to perfection their techniques, through a laborious and time-consuming process. Thanks to their amazing patience, the visitors will have the unique chance to plunge into the world of printmaking, unveiling the fascination of some old techniques like intaglio, drypoint, etching or linocut.

The intricate lines that compose their works will allow the public to travel through everyday life, discovering floral motifs, complex urban landscapes, ordinary objects or, very well characters surrounded by a mythological aura. Their subjects are skillfully transformed into extraordinary visual compositions that have the power to turn into complicated, expressive artworks, often filled with subtle symbolic meaning. Their talent and efforts are put together to emphasize the fact that life is full of sacred splendor and to pay tribute to both nature and to the great leaps in technology, science and art.

From paper, the journey abruptly moves into the world of sculptures, a world filled with lyrical sophistication and deep philosophic reflections. Gennadiy Titov, Klim Stepanov and Aleksandr Kuzmin are three Ukrainian sculptors who transform bronze, stone and wood into masterpieces, full of inner harmony and outer beauty. While Titov’s works are grotesque and often bear implications of irony, the sculptures of Kuzmin are very plastic, with barely visible, but very important details. On the other hand, the works of Stepanov are intimate, neat and quiet, there are no unnecessary moves and dynamics in them; the artist discovers the inner world of every character to a spectator at full breath and tells his story.

The artist Oksana Stratiychuk will be present during the opening, honoring the Ukrainian artist’s community, as the voice of these acknowledged master printmakers, praised by critics and art collectors alike. Oksana Stratiychuk was born in 1968 in Kyiv, Ukraine and in 1992 she graduated from the Kyiv State Art Institute (now the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture), Department of Graphic Arts. In 1993–1996 she took a postgraduate internship at the Ukrainian Academy of Arts, further on gaining her MA in Graphic Arts.

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