Group exhibition "(Re)member the Time(s)" 15th Mar - 26th Apr, 2017

N2N Gallery is proud to announce the new exhibition “(Re)member the Time(s)” which presents three Ukrainian artists: Olesya Dzhurayeva, Andrew Levitsky and Petro Lebedinets.

The title of the exhibition “(Re)member the Time(s)” is telling us that we should remember and be part of the past, present and future times. Time itself is changeable, progressive, consumable in a way, and circulating, just like the human life is. Everything is subordinated to time and we are all in a way its servants. We are in a position to use the time we have and to make our existence a difference. The way we face this possibility can make our existence permanent through the time, therefore the life.

The exhibition is connecting past and future times like it’s also involving the present. Artists are walking through the time by depicting the various motives to consolidate what was, what is and what’s going to be. Every artist is finding his own way to express himself, however together their works made a consistent unity. The link connecting them together through the time they live in is too obvious not to be seen.

Olesya Dzhurayeva is bringing us motives that are coming from the past but in a way that share their everlasting purpose and meaning. Some objects are presented on a yellow base colored with a melancholy but their usage is eternal. Eventually, everything she is showing can be part of any time and she unites and balances senses and sensibilities of the presented object to make the infinity story.

Andrew Levitsky is giving us a kind of tribute to the great leaps in technology. He is subordinating his display mode by the hint of the past times. Artist’s vision is born from the ashes created as a result of the collision of industrial inventions and iconography of timeless symbols.

Petro Lebedinet’s motto is a predominance of vivid harmony over destruction. Monoliths of colors that are not strictly defined by contours are penetrating to each other space. It stays clear which color dominates over others in a specific part of the composition. Artist uses colors that are very explosive yet balanced and they are confirmation of the time aggressiveness in which they were incurred. Their collision and the consequences of the same guarantee a peculiar peace and the result is a perfect composition.


     Olesya Dzhurayeva was born in 1982 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. She moved to Ukraine in 1989, where she studied at the Kiev State Institute of Decorative and Applied Art and Design where she graduated in 2002. She works in a variety of graphic techniques (etching, engraving, dry-point, linocut and pastel). International art critics describe her as “a bright representative of the Ukrainian contemporary graphic school”.

     Andrew Levitsky was born in 1961 in Kiev, Ukraine. From 1986 – 1996 he studied in the Ukrainian Academy of Fine Arts, becoming a Master in Graphic Arts. Since his student days he has actively participated in prestigious international competitions in different fields of graphic arts. His countrywide and international success is evidenced as well by the fact that he is the winner of 14 international awards.

     Petro Lebedinets was born in Ukraine in 1956. He graduated from the Kiev State Academy of Arts in 1984 and quickly gained recognition both in the Ukraine and Europe. Lebedynets takes color and texture to new heights. He describes his art as the “reality of abstraction.” He was ranked number four of the top hundred contemporary artists in Ukraine by the national project “100 Artists: Modern and Contemporary Ukrainian Art since Independence”. He is the member of the National Artist’s Union of Ukraine since 1990.

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