Solo exhibition ''Life by the Sea'' by Igor Shipilin January 2015

Igor Shipilin, an acclaimed artist with works displayed in the prestigious museum of Russia – Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMoMA), will have his first solo exhibition “Life by the Sea” in Abu Dhabi from 26th of January – 16th February 2015.

The exhibition will show a collection of 30 oil paintings by the artist, painted between the years of 2004-2014.

N2N Gallery is excited to present the solo exhibition of Igor Shipilin, an artist who has many achievements behind him besides the impressive museum representation – he is the chairman of the regional artist’s union in Sevastopol, holds an Award Diploma merited by the Russian Academy of Art, and has a title of an Honored artist of Crimea. He is an active member of his local art scene, both as a leader, a mentor and an artist, having founded the “League of watercolors of Crimea” in 2001, lead countless plein airs, and participated in and sometimes supervised over 100 exhibitions.

What makes Igor Shipilin’s works unique? He represents the best features of Crimean artistic tradition. His favorite genres are landscape and still life, and he is revered as a master in a range of graphical and pictorial arts, including oil painting and watercolor. The artist has a deep appreciation for the open air work. His paintings can be considered as psychological landscape, where by showing his native land, he tells the audience about the eternal – motherland and faith.

One can clearly see the inspiration of his works – the romance of Crimea. His paintings are a fusion of real places (cozy streets, small yards, old houses, the mountains, the sea), of memories from the past and present, and his own imagination. What is important for Igor Shipilin is to translate the particular mood of Crimea.  He has said to be creating the same work throughout his life, painting the same motif.

“My task is simple, to convey the image of old Crimea, comfort, and the warm blue sea”.

He paints things that have defined his life, closely intertwined with his experiences, with works of art becoming an extension of him. Sometimes they are spontaneous, at other times, a result of careful contemplation and a process spanning across years, as can be seen from some of the works displayed at the exhibition.  The painting which earned him an award by the Russian Academy of Arts in the competition of “Artists of Russia for Clean Water” came about in an unusual way – originally a landscape of mountains, it did not sit well with the artist. He turned it upside down and discovered it would work better as a depiction of the black sea. Right he was! Sometimes, like in the case of “Persimmon has Ripened. November”, the painting is a result of a chance occurrence and a reminder of a heart-warming memory.


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