Solo exhibition ''Seasons'' by Igor Shipilin February 2016

Starting 4th of February, N2N Gallery at Nation Towers Galleria, Corniche, is delighted to present to the UAE residents the newest artworks of Igor Shipilin. The exhibition will show a collection of 27 oil paintings and it will be on display for almost a month, until 2nd of March 2016.

“Seasons” is a story of incommensurable love towards Igor Shipilin’s beloved Crimea. A story that seems to have no end and that takes inexhaustible shapes and shades on the artist’s canvas. “Seasons” is like a journey that carries the viewer through the soft light of the Crimean spring, through the fragrant and bright summer followed by the rich and colorful autumn, ending with the mild melancholic Crimean winter.

Igor Shipilin’s art parades natural and historical attractions as traditionally portrayed by artists from different eras, but at a first glimpse inconspicuous areas with a leisurely pace of life in small towns. These are the places where the artist spent his childhood and youth, those places where you always want to go back to reflect and stop the running of time, to draw strength and inspiration in healing the soul with the simplicity of the usual life and environment – that’s the world of the works of Shipilin. Needless to say that he’s an incorrigible romantic. Crimea that Igor Shipilin is masterfully looking to show us is obviously real, but at the same time poeticized by the artist. There are no dramatic conflicts and psychological bursts, sometimes even sounding of sad notes of nostalgia, a retreat in solidarity with the author – life is amazing in any form.

In our dynamic age of technology and social upheaval, when other artists are trying by all means to influence the viewer the supersaturated information, creativity of Shipilin discourages clear intent and apparent ease of execution. But behind this professional knowledge of the basics of painting and drawing lies the search of his own artistic language and respect for nature. The picturesque old curvature of the Crimean streets, chaotic jumble of buildings, covered tiled roofs, balconies, staircases, passages through which to view the sky, the sea, – themselves suggest the artist perspective, the point of the horizon and finally, composition in accordance with the best tradition of the Crimean school of Academical Art.

The ability of the master – to see the beauty everywhere and adjust it on his canvas, based on his emotions, feelings and memories, this is what Shipilin does. As a result, ordinary and familiar scenes are transformed into memorable and original compositions.

In front of Igor Shipilin’s works, the viewer cannot help but continue the artist’s “story” about the simple and precious moments of life that remain with us forever.

The exhibition will also feature a joint project between Igor Shipilin and the Emirati artist Faiza Mubarak: 2 sculptural installations produced and organized by the N2N Gallery as a unique example of intercultural artistic production. The project brings together the creative force of Emirati artist Faiza Mubarak and Crimean artist Igor Shipilin: East and West merge in the same artwork, showing Abu Dhabi from traditional and modern point of view, as a city that unites different worlds in one place.


Besides the impressive museum representation – Igor Shipilin is the chairman of the regional artist’s union in Sevastopol, holds a diploma merited by the Russian Academy of Art, and has a title of an Honored artist of Crimea. He is an active member of his local art scene, both as a leader, a mentor and an artist, having founded the “League of watercolors of Crimea” in 2001, lead countless plein airs, participated and sometimes supervised over 100 exhibitions, out of which 20 have been solo exhibitions.  Born in 1961, Igor Shipilin is educated in the field of arts including the Ilya Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Leningrad, and the Moscow Academy of Printing. He has been involved in professional exhibitions since 1986.

The exhibition details:

Exhibition will run until 2nd of March 2016

Opening times:  Sunday – Thursday 10.00 – 22.00

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