Solo exhibition “The Play Goes On” by Petro Bevza April 2015

Solo exhibition “The Play Goes On” by leading Ukrainian artist Petro Bevza from 22nd of April to 20th of May

N2N Gallery is extremely proud to host a solo exhibition “The Play Goes On” for the Ukrainian artist Petro Bevza in Nation Towers Galleria, Abu Dhabi from 22nd of April – 20th of May 2015.

Petro Bevza is considered among the top 5 contemporary Ukrainian artists, selling at international auctions and exhibiting in USA, Canada and Europe – most recently in New York. His solo exhibition titled “The Play Goes On” is a collection of 28 artworks created between 2011 and 2014. His innovative style is a combination of layers in a multi-screen format, using oil and acrylic paints, pigments, glazing with traces of sand, grained sandpaper, wood chip and glue, creating surfaces of landscapes that almost breathe with a rhythmic motion. Indeed, Petro Bevza’s works captivate the viewer from afar and up-close, with their visual effects and sense of a presence being transmitted to us on a higher plain.

“The Play Goes On” consists of works strongly representative of Petro Bevza’s style, philosophical landscapes depicting incredibly beautiful nature with the beings that inhabit it, and architecture that represents a metaphysical reality. In his works, the light reflects from material form, leaving its trace in the environment, structuring the space: therefore, the more intense the light, the clearer the lines of force. Crystallized images, the traces of metaphysical light of man-made forms, modern and ancient, are displayed alongside paintings, inspired by the memories of childhood books and Paul Gaugasian’s Polynesia. Bevza’s universe has been depicted restless in multiple forms and shapes: a rider on a horse glimpsed between the dense leaves of trees (Satori), the ancient Greek amphitheater (Amphiteatre), a crystallized bridge disappearing into the distance (Pont de Quebec), a boy with his bow walking alongside a tiger (Parallel), an elderly woman walking towards her destiny (Following the Inner Light), a young girl happily on her way (Lavra). His work takes us to the original source of time, portraying a map of philosophy – an existence of eternity in a moment that is present in several dimensions, formation of crossroads and borders between worlds.

The peculiar union of such different characters can be understood by the idea of Johan Huizinga’s Homo Ludens, a theory of cultural anthropology: culture unfolds and originates as play. Play, in contrast to a game, which is not limited by margins or rules, takes place in an open universe where rules change only when a new player enters. Petro Bevza’s interest lies in the boundary between the two states. Anything can become an invitation to play, and Petro Bevza presents such moments to the viewer.  (Referenced from text by art critic Mykola Skiba)

For the first time in the Middle East, the exhibition of Petro Bevza will be open to the public for a duration of 4 weeks. Another rare experience will be offered to art lovers and artists of Abu Dhabi: a 6 day master class under the guidance of Petro Bevza, discovering his technique and the metaphysical landscape. The master class will run from 24th – 29th of April, morning and evening classes available. All information will be available at N2N Gallery.

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