Solo exhibition “The Waves of Warm Memories” by Volodymyr Reshetov November 2014

30th of November at 19.00 in Nation Galleria Nation Towers Cornish Abu Dhabi N2N Gallery will officially open the new solo exhibition “The Waves of Warm Memories” by renowned Ukrainian artist Volodymyr Reshetov.

The Exhibition dedicated to the celebration of Grand opening for the new N2N Gallery in Nation Galleria. Organized under the patronage of Hamed Bin Mohamed Khalifa Al Suwaidi, Patron & President of N2N Gallery Abu Dhabi.

“The Waves of Warm Memories” is a legacy of masterfully executed impressionist paintings and a collection of watercolors by Volodymyr Reshetov. For two weeks the public will have a chance to view a collection of 17 paintings and 8 watercolors dating from 1966 to 2010, including pieces from private collections in the UAE.

The exhibition will run till 14th of December 2014.


“Sunlight plays on the sea surface. A warm breeze flatters with your skin. Sitting on the shore you are going through the colorful memories. Here is the park from your childhood, that outdoor café, where many years ago you spent lots of evenings with your friends. And here is the coast… So many times you have been here before and you will be back not once only…”

Paintings by Volodymyr Reshetov are influenced with warm nostalgia. They introduce us to the world of gentle dreams that sometimes come to us from our past. They are like the warm waves that come and go from time to time but never leave coast for too long.

The works are both sensitive and atmospheric, filled with timeless romance and tranquility. He impeccably depicts Crimea, the Baltic, and Central Ukraine, through paintings of landscapes and scenes of people gathered together in relaxed settings.

Reshetov’s paintings are characteristic of the impressionist style that was made famous by such artists as Monet, Renoir, Manet, Degas and Cezanne. Paintings are created with small visible brush strokes, open compositions with accurate depictions of light and air through the use of subtle hues, showing the changing qualities of light as well as the passage of time.

Watercolor Paintings by Volodymyr Reshetov is famous by complex and unusual technique he used. “Sedniv in winter” was painted when frost was not less than 10-15 degrees. As watercolor paints based on water, while the process when the artist makes new brushstroke, paint, mixed with water, freeze directly on the paper creating the unique frosty pattern. At the end the artist takes the painting into the room with temperature 0 above and place horizontally to let frozen water melts and dries to save fantastic ornaments.


Volodymyr Reshetov, born in 1930, is something of a national treasure in Ukraine, having dedicated his whole life to illustration and painting. His works can be found in the National Art Museum of Ukraine and in various private collections.

Volodymyr Reshetov has experienced a long and colorful career in the pictorial arts. Graduating in 1957 from the Kiev Academy of Fine Arts, he began his career as a book and magazine illustrator. He developed a great affinity to poster painting, creating propaganda posters, advertisements, and often satirical works which showed his sharp sense of humor. He was the illustrator of countless cinema posters of the Soviet era. Being a multitalented artist and an acclaimed poster painter, Reshetov found his true calling in the impressionist landscape painting. He would regularly travel to Crimea where he found much of his inspiration for his landscape painting. Now at the age of 84, Reshetov has given up paintings due to his ailing health. He has expressed with great sincerity his joy about showing his works at a solo exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

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