Solo exhibition ”Eastern Wind” by Ramazan Useinov October 2015

Solo Exhibition “Eastern Wind” by acclaimed Crimean artist Ramazan Useinov from 29th of October to 19th of November 2015

For the very first time on the Abu Dhabi Art scene, N2N Gallery is proud to present a unique cultural event – the solo exhibition “Eastern Wind”. The artist in the spotlight is the acclaimed Crimean painter Ramazan Useinov, who will attend the opening personally. 24 paintings created between 2009 and 2015 by Ramazan Useinov will be displayed.

The exhibition will open its doors on 29th of October at 7.30 pm in N2N Gallery, Nation Towers Galleria, Corniche, Abu Dhabi, and will be open to visitors until 19th of November 2015.

“Eastern Wind” is an exhibition born from a mix of cultures, feelings, perceptions and emotions. Through his art, Ramazan Useinov speaks silently about his spiritual journey, culminating with his return to the land of his ancestors.

The artworks of Ramazan Useinov are displayed in museums around the world as well as in private collections in Europe, Asia and America.

“Everything has been said by the paintings.”

Ramazan Useinov

The exhibition “Eastern Wind” is a journey determined by Ramazan’s endless love towards his motherland, and will remind you of the masters of the 20th century who struggled to bring back the perfect harmony between man and nature. Respecting his roots, Ramazan’s paintings cherish the rich Islamic culture. For this reason, his works always display vibrant oriental details and Islamic motives.


Ramazan Useinov is an artist whose journey began long before his birth.

Coming from a family who faced war and deportation, forced to abandon their homeland, Crimea, the artist was born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, far away from his beloved Crimea.

In Uzbekistan he grew up between vineyards, as his father was a winegrower and winemaker who dreamt for his son to take over the family’s small business. Instead, Ramazan dreamt of becoming an artist. In 1967, after a long and big confrontation with his family, he finally became a student at the Republican College of Arts P.P. Benkov in Tashkent. After graduation, in 1972, Ramazan returned to Samarkand where he started to work at the Art Foundation. Years of great inspiration followed, as in the 80’s art was flourishing in Uzbekistan. Ramazan Useinov would not miss a single solo or group exhibition, working day and night and dreaming of his art to be special, to be recognized.

Then one day, in the early 90’s, carried away by the “Eastern Wind”, Ramazan Useinov felt he had to go back, he had to return to the land of his parents. He returned to Crimea and his artworks acquired a more somber, melancholy mood than his earlier paintings.

In most of Ramazan’s paintings we find travelers, buskers, wanderers with poor carts, covered with bright rags. They carry submissively not only all their belongings, but their entire world. The laconic palette explodes occasionally with bright shiny happy colors, a feature of his Samarkand memories and his life back in Uzbekistan.

“Oriental dresses are very colorful and bright. Even after so many years of living in Crimea, Samarkand’s colors don’t leave me. They follow me in most of my paintings”.

When Ramazan has to describe his art, he is a man of few words, as he truly believes that “Everything has been said by the paintings”. His wish is to allow his viewers to look at his works and to find something there by themselves, something very private and unique.

On 29th of October you are welcome to meet Ramazan Useinov and let yourself be carried away by the same “Eastern Wind” that blows between Crimea and Uzbekistan and back, shaping a magic universe, where honesty, purity and hope were never lost. As Svetlana Khromchenko (The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow) said, Ramazan Useinov’s “Easter Wind” will certainly make you wonder: “is it from the past or from the future, or maybe from eternal?”

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