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Past Exhibitions

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Sunny Portals

Exhibition Details

  • Date

    September 15 - October 06, 2015
  • Time

    7.30 PM
  • Location

    Nation Towers Galleria, Corniche, Abu Dhabi
By Artist

Henry Yagodkin

Press Release

Henri Yagodkin is considered to be one of the most shining current examples of the traditional Ukrainian school of art. So why has the artist been under cover for the past two decades

First of all, it is important to understand what makes an artist different from other people. The artist has a unique talent to visually express their feelings, thoughts and emotions – a true artists’ work is always unique and exclusive, their art becomes a portal to the soul and mind of the artist, thus allowing us to see the world through their eyes

An artist is an artist all the time, they do not clock in and clock out to being an artist from nine to five, and take a break in the week end. They are theones who always remain who they are – and this is where the beauty of artists lies.

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